why should i choose everafterhealth?

We believe in lifetime wellness.

Most people find themselves discouraged by the amount of contrasting nutritional information pushed by individuals in the health industry. People who are trying to shift into a healthier lifestyle are bombarded with ads and biased information pressuring them to follow unsustainable fad diets or spend money on products promising to help them. That person feels discouraged after learning the hard way that short-term “fixes” aren’t a viable solution.  Sadly, the food & health industry is polluted with businesses which value profit over helping people for a lifetime.

So, what’s the solution? Whom can we trust? Is everyone supposed to ignore what other people say and conduct nutritional research on their own? Most people don’t have the time, inclination or statistical knowledge to sift through thousands of nutritional studies, incomprehensible writing, and scientific jargon. At EverAfterHealth, we empower our clients to make dietary decisions based on their individual bodies and on their intuitive sense of what is right for them. Prescribing a blanket diet to everyone won’t help meet goals, because everyone has a unique situation. Therefore, we have created a database filled with unbiased studies that our scientists have pored through, and we have summarized those studies in understandable terms. Everyone should have access to unbiased nutritional information. We value your right to scientific research, so we translate scientific findings into terms that everyone can understand.

EverAfterHealth will guide you in choosing a nutritional plan which is right for you and will find an exercise regimen which makes each client feel energized and powerful. Mary Carolyn Becker, the founder of EverAfterHealth, has had both formal education and real-world experience in nutrition and fitness for nearly 40 years. In high school, she became an aerobics instructor, and continued to lead fitness classes throughout college and long after graduation. Mary Carolyn worked for both the private and public sector for many years and read nutrition books in her free time. After retiring from the government, Mary Carolyn began working towards a master’s in clinical nutrition at MUIH and plans to complete her Doctorate by 2024. Mary Carolyn values individual choice and the right to unbiased information. She was motivated to create EverAfterHealth after seeing how we have become human test subjects for new fad diets and supplements. Shortcuts are marketed as a solution, people take those shortcuts, and then 20-30 years later we find out those shortcuts were either ineffective or had terrible side effects. Watching companies try to profit off vulnerable people inspired Mary Carolyn to create a service that would genuinely help people meet long-term goals. She designed EverAfterHealth to give power back to the people and guide them towards a new holistic lifestyle which would be sustainable and healthy.

In addition to completing her degree and running EverAfterHealth, Mary Carolyn enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and dog. She loves being outside, gardening, bird watching, and hiking. Mary Carolyn volunteers with her church and gives free nutrition talks to her local community. She also promotes scientific discovery in her community by judging school science fairs and being a Science Cheerleader. Mary Carolyn’s passion for serving others shows through her community service as well as through her business.